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Quality Control

We have been committed to high quality beer since day one. Our hop-country location, choice ingredients, and equipment have all been carefully selected to create the best possible product. And we're fortunate to have a great team of Quality Control specialists who are constantly monitoring our processes. 

We like to see only fresh beer on store shelves, so if you’ve found an out-of-date beer, let us know! We stamp each can the day it's filled with a "packaged on" date, and our cans are considered fresh for 120 days, and kegs are fresh for up to 90 days.  So check the stamp before you buy, and if it’s expired, report it here.

Don't know where to find our "packaged on" date?  Flip that can over and look at the bottom!  There, you will find an internal batch number, as well as the date it was canned.  Remember, our beer is considered fresh 120 days after the "packaged on" date!  #freshoffthefarm matters.

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