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Small Batch Series

Small Batch Series
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What is a small batch beer, you ask?  In 2017, we started creating new brews on a 5-barrel pilot brewhouse that's an exact replica of our 30-barrel production brewhouse. We use the pilot to test new ideas and get creative, so stay tuned for lots of unusual brews. 
Availability: Taproom only
Package Types: Draft (1/2 barrel & 1/6 barrel kegs) - Kegs not available for taproom retail sale.


On Tap as of 12/8/17, Subject to Change

Export India Porter
5.3% ABV |  40 IBU |  Porter
Starting with traditional UK malts, we lightly dry hopped this brew to make it our own. Aromas of smoke, molasses, figs, cocoa and citrus. Certain to be a popular “export” from the Yakima Valley.

Wood & Wire
9.2% ABV  | 80 IBU | Imperial Stout
Chocolate, Coffee, & Booze. Hops too. A dark beer that takes its name from the trellises that support our hops.

Joindre Main
8.3% ABV | 30 IBU | Barrel Aged Dubbel
Enjoy Belgian beer character, featuring flavors of molasses and dried dates, toffee, raisins, biscuit, and clove. Fermented with Trappist yeast. Aged 6 mo. in Cultura Wine’s neutral French oak.

8.2% ABV | 45 IBU | Barrel Aged Saison
Featuring flavors of Chardonnay, honeysuckle, apples, lemongrass, and oak. Fermented with Trappist yeast. Aged 6 months in Owen Roe’s neutral French oak 

5.9% ABV | 40 IBU | Blonde Stout
How can a beer with so little color have so much flavor? We took light malts and added a generous helping of coffee, vanilla bean, and cocoa.


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