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Dormancy Breakfast Stout

Dormancy Breakfast Stout

Breakfast Stout - 6.8% ABV | 50 IBU

Who says Bale Breaker only does hoppy? This year's batch of Dormancy Breakfast Stout incorporates even more oats with the malt, plus an intense coffee presence, thanks to over 1 lb/barrel of Coast Rican beans roasted by Yakima's Lincoln Avenue Coffee Co.  As winter settles in to the Pacific Northwest and the hop fields surrounding our brewery lay dormant, this beer was crafted to remind us that good things can still happen in the off-season for hops.

Availability:  Year-round

Package Types:
- Draft (1/2 barrel & 1/6 barrel kegs) - Kegs not available for taproom retail sale.

Fifth Washington Beer Awards® - Bronze - American-Style Imperial Stouts and Porters

**Please Note: All Bale Breaker beer is heavily hopped and unfiltered, so some sediment may be present.

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