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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you ship beer out of state?

Unfortunately, state laws prohibit us from shipping our beer, and we don't have the licenses necessary to sell our beer outside of our current distribution footprint (the state of Washington and parts of Oregon and Idaho).  As we continue to grow, we'll expand our distribution footprint, so please check back again in the future.

Is your beer available in Colorado / California / New York?

Currently, we only distribute Bale Breaker beer in the state of Washington, northern Idaho, and northwestern Oregon with a goal of selling as much beer as close to our hometown of Yakima as possible.  We’re not sure when we will expand outside of this distribution footprint, but stay tuned…it certainly could happen!  In the meantime, please visit the Find Our Beers page of our website to search by zip code for retailers that have recently purchased our beer.  We sure hope you can make it up to Yakima to visit us sometime!

Will you donate to my upcoming event?

Due to the large number of requests, we do not respond to voicemails requesting donations.  Please contact us using our Contact Us form, and we will email you a copy of our Donation Request Form to get the process started.  We ask that donation requests be submitted at least six weeks prior to your event.

Do you sell tap handles?

We don't currently sell our tap handles; however, that may change in the future, depending on what our inventory situation looks like.  As a new, growing brewery, when we expand into new markets, it's hard to gauge the demand for handles, which is why we haven't started selling them yet.  Stay tuned!

Will you pour beer at my upcoming event?

Unlike wineries, breweries liquor licenses are tied to their facility, so state law prohibits us from pouring beer off-site, unless it’s at a sanctioned beer tasting festival/exhibition.  Check with the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board to confirm.

Want a job?

Please email your resume and cover letter, including the type position you're interested in, to info(at)

Why cans?

First and foremost, we feel that cans are a better package for the quality of our beer as cans restrict both light and oxygen, both of which degrade the hop character we work so hard to add to our beer!  The recyclability and portability of aluminum cans also factored in to our decision to can instead of bottle.  Plus, cans are definitely a growing segment of the craft beer industry, with over 100% growth ($$ sales) in US supermarkets in the past year.

Do you offer tours of the brewery? What about hop farm tours?

Our brewery tour schedule is currently in the works.  Subscribe to our newsletter below to stay up-to-date on the latest Bale Breaker happenings, including upcoming tours!

Also, we don’t offer hop farm tours at this time, but our brewery is surrounded on three sides by a hop field that taproom guests are welcome to wander through. Feel free to ask our knowledgeable staff any questions, or check out the Hops 101 page for all you need to know about this unique crop!

Tell me about your PakTech can holders!

We selected PakTech since they are 100% made from recycled materials and you can toss them right in your recycling bin when you are done--no cutting needed since, by design, they don't trap or entangle small animals. 

That being said, even the producer knows they can be a little tougher than old-fashioned holders--the video on the PakTech homepage is very fun and shows that future shipments will improve release. 

I have Taproom questions!

Want to know what we serve, how we serve it, who can visit, and much more? Check out the Taproom Page. 

How many pints are in a keg?

1/2 barrel keg = 15.5 gallons = ~120 16oz pints 

1/6 barrel keg = 5.17 gallons = ~40 16oz pints 

We sell 1/2 bbl (15.5 gal) and 1/6 bbl (5.17 gal) kegs of from our taproom.

We collect a $100 keg deposit (cash only!) that is fully refundable when the empty keg is returned.  Party taps are also available ($50 refundable deposit, cash only!) on a first come, first serve basis.  We do not have the ability to fill empty kegs at this time.  

Please order 48 hours in advance by calling the taproom during business hours (509) 424-4000 or emailing info (at)

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